Airecon 2020 was unbelievable. I'm a lifer now

Airecon 2020 was unbelievable. I'm a lifer now

Just a very short blog post as I have been away for the weekend so I have a lot of catching up to do with various parts of the business.

We have added another new design today and we have some more Cthulhu designs coming, so busy busy.

Why was I away this weekend? It was my first time an a board game convention I had not heard of before called Airecon. I'm not sure why it is called Airecon, but what I am sure of is that it was probably the best board gaming experience of my life. I would highly recommend it.

This convention is heavily based around just getting together with like minded people and playing games. Most other board game conventions have a focus on exhibitors showing you their latest stuff, demoing games and stalls trying to sell you board game related bit and bobs. This is awesome, and something that Airecon does have some of, but its not their main focus.

Here is a video of someone walking through it in was even bigger this year.

There are 3 or 4 open board gaming areas, a great library of games to borrow, a bring and buy and a whole host of other stuff to keep you occupied.

Find a game, grab a flag to say you want more players, grab one of the hundreds of tables available and play games.......lots and lots of games.

Me and my brother met loads of new friends, played a dozen games we had never played before and generally had am amazing time.

We played one specific game called Theurgy that is currently on Kickstarter and was my favourite of the weekend by far. This will be the focus of my next blog later this week. I've backed it and I cant wait to own it.

If you get a chance to go to Airecon (based in the Harrogate Convention Centre) in March 2021, send us a message and we will organise a game with you.