Theurgy - Coming back stronger and with more plastic

Theurgy - Coming back stronger and with more plastic

I mentioned in one of my blog posts that I played a game at Airecon 2020 called Theurgy, and spoiler alert, I really really liked it. In fact it was the best game I played all weekend. Unfortunately, it was one of the few games I couldn't actually buy.

This is because it had just been launched on Kickstarter, so despite the fact that the game was not quite at final component stage, I immediately backed it, and so did everyone else who demo'd it with me.

We all agreed that despite the fact that some of the art wasn't final, the game looked pretty much finished to us. The game uses wooden cubes and meeples instead of big plastic miniatures but the play area is really tight, so we all thought miniatures would make the board too busy.

Unfortunately, as is the Kickstarter way, if it ain't got huge plastic miniatures and over the top components it simply doesn't get backed. Alas, Theurgy was pulled pending a re-think. Do people not care if the game is actually good anymore? 

Well luckily for those of us who just love a good game and understand that sometimes simpler components fit the game better, the designers will be bringing it back, probably with upgraded, more Kickstarter friendly components. 

With or without tonnes of fancy plastic, Theurgy is an excellent Area Control/Are majority game, with variable player powers, a 30 strong deck of interesting monsters to command and an excellent action selection system, similar to Scythe.

Keep an eye out for this one people. I was shocked at just how much I loved it, and loads of people at Airecon were just as impressed.