Unicorn Fever Board Game - On its way but delayed

Unicorn Fever Board Game - On its way but delayed

Hey, everyone. I'm sure there are loads of you board game lovers out there, like me, who love a good racing game.

I am a massive fan of Formula D, Long Shot, Camel Up, Jamaica and loads more that I have sat in my collection.

One of my favourites is Long Shot. It is a great racing game as it invests you in multiple runners as you can bet on whichever horse you want, plus, you will probably own at least two of the horses in the running.

The only problem with this game is that it is a bit old now and is showing its age. The components weren't amazing when it first came out in 2003. The miniatures are not very detailed and the stickers don't stay on them (drives me mental sticking them back on 5 times a game). The board is a little boring, but functional.

Overall it's probably a C- for components, but easily an A+ for game play and fun. 

This is where Unicorn Fever steps in. Basically this is a slightly heavier (only very slightly) version of Long Shot, with a much more family friendly theme, way better miniatures and better components overall.

When I saw it on Kickstarter I was proper excited, so I backed it.

This is exactly the board game I always wish Long Shot was and I can't wait for it to turn up.

Shame it's delayed but then show me a Kickstarter project that hasn't been.

Me and my family are really looking forward to this one arriving. As soon as it does I will be doing a review on this blog and posting some pictures and info about it on our Instagram and Facebook so make sure you are following us to find out more and learn how it plays.

My hunch is that you are definitely going to want to buy a copy. Just look at it.