Board Game Bottle Wingspan, Scythe

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Board Game Bottle with massive games like Wingspan, Scythe, Pandemic and Gloomhaven printed in lots of great colours so it will stand out at your next board game night

Why drink from a boring glass or cup. Get into the spirit of your next board game event by using this bottle instead of something not board game related. Everyone will want to know where you got it from. Send them our way.
Great quality Stainless Steel Bottle made from quality materials and manufactured in the United States. All our Board Game related bottles are comfortable to use and well manufactured. We think you will love your new bottle so add to cart now. Why not add 2 items from the shop for a 10% discount.

Thank you so much for choosing to be our customer. We realise you have a lot of choice. All of our designs our completely original. A lot of the time we use original art commissioned by us, so our designs can normally only be bought at our store.

We bring out new designs every week, so follow our store to get notified about new designs.


Lightweight stainless steel
14 oz (0.41 l)
Plastic screw top
Comes with open and close carabiner and key chain ring

Stainless Steel construction. Plastic Screw top.

This bottle is not guaranteed dish washer safe.