About BoardGamerStore, the place for Board Game T Shirts, Hoodies and Mugs

We design original, and hopefully sometimes funny, board game related t shirts, hoodies and mugs. Often featuring original art, always inspired by passion

So firstly w need to admit something...WE HAVE A BOARD GAME problem.

W can't help ourselves, we just keep buying them, but we love them.

Martin, our main designer, discovered board games about 6 years ago when he saw a YouTube review of Betrayal at House on the Hill. He bought the game immediately and loved it. That started a hobby that has led him to own probably 200 games (limited by Kate his wife). Although she does love to play board games as well..

Another thing we love......funny T-Shirts and memes, so we thought we would combine passions and start making board game related t-shirt, mug and hoodie designs.

Please grab yourself a t-shirt, hoodie or whatever takes your fancy from the store, and make sure you leave us a review with a picture as soon as you are happy.

We will be bringing out a new design every week so sign up to my newsletter and keep an eye on our social media pages. We look forward to sharing my passions with you all. And of course......to buy more board games